The Contract Specialist provides clear, unambiguous advice, and contract drafting, negotiation and management services in plain English.

We provide professional, efficient services and expert knowledge in specialist areas by acting as a virtual, on demand, Contracts Team. You get the benefit of the addition of a key resource to your team without having the admin and costs of employing someone.

Some of the things we can help you with include drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and advising you on risk within:

  • Commercial contracts with your suppliers and customers;
  • Standard terms and conditions for sales and purchases of good and services;
  • Confidentiality, non-disclosure and data protection agreements including GDPR contractual obligations;
  • Contractor, sub-contractor and channel sales agreements;
  • Terms for exhibitions and events;
  • Marketing collaterals such as press releases, blogs and business materials;
  • Terms and policies for websites and online purchasing, such as privacy notices, cookie policies and terms of use;
  • Policies and procedures for data security, business continuity and disaster recovery, sustainability and environment;
  • Tender documents, bids, quotations and proposals, including associated terms and conditions.

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